University Mandated MRNA Injections vs Right of Conscience

County GOP Chairman and friends, 

Universities are mandating mRNA injections. This is an issue our legislators need to tackle. No university should be allowed to make such a mandate. It not only violates conscience but also takes hostage the rights of students. It makes participation depended on forced injections. It creates medical apartheid – a 21st century Jim Crow. Will we have a generation of students that not only have lost a year of education but also will be denied access to university education for exercising their right of conscience? A first principle of our nation is the right of conscience; it’s why the pilgrims came to these shores, it’s why early settlers came, it’s why we have a first amendment protecting religion, speech, press, assembly, and redress of grievances. 

All Pennsylvanians are looking at the data and news reports related to SARS-CoV-2 and the mRNA injections, including the reports of those who have died soon after taking the injections, and considering the risk; some are going ahead and getting the injections and others are deciding not to. They’re allowing their conscience to direct them. No one should be forced to get injections in violation of their conscience.

Our party should stand firm for the rights of Pennsylvanians, especially our children, against any infringement. No one, not businesses, not universities, not even government should be allowed to make participation or the exercise of our rights contingent on forced injections. We must reclaim our freedom.

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Steven Ramos
East Penn Township
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NOTE: Posted to site on Nov 23, 2022. Emailed on May 4. 2021.