Work Experience


For over twenty years I’ve worked in the Information Technology field with a diverse number of clients from government to architecture, healthcare, education, non-profit, and utilities. I’ve managed networks and related equipment, servers both physical and virtual, and have been responsible for the security of these systems. These responsibilities included developing solutions to automate the processing and delivery of reports and develop and perform QA testing of equipment and software before deployment. 

Solutions Architect

I developed solutions to meet my clients needs. Often the client would present an issue and I would research and present the solution. Some solutions were acquiring equipment or software and deploying or developing an in house application or process to meet the need.

Network Management

Managed network routers, switches, and firewalls from Cisco, Barracuda, and Extreme Networks as well as other device makers. Was responsible for firewall policies, VPN access, and servers in DMZ and managed routers controlling access to isolated segments of the network to protect sensitive equipment.

Network Monitoring

After clients experienced network slow downs I was tasked with investigating the cause and presenting a solution that included deploying Linux based network monitoring tools to allow the network team to view ongoing network status and monitor servers network speed, connections, and devices sending and receiving data. 


Deployed and managed physical and virtual servers. In the virtual space I managed VSphere Servers – managing load balance between the hosts and maintenance of the virtual servers hosted. Hosted servers deployed and managed were both Microsoft Windows Servers and Linux. Also managed Windows domain, domain services, and domain policies.  

Desktop Monitoring

Deployed tools to monitor desktop processes, applications, patches and updates. Also monitoring data usage to detect high users and investigate if those stations are compromised. 

Automation and Data Processing

Developed processes to automate processing data and delivering reports to key personnel. From Human Resources to Finance to Medical Records departments I developed scripts to process data and format into readable reports. One solution implemented was integrating SQL Databases and Microsoft Office Applications rather than developing new user interfaces. Data processed would be stored in a SQL database and the end-user, using Microsoft Excel, would be able to query the data tables and customize their reports. Reports would be prepared for internal personnel and reporting agencies both government and corporate auditors. 

QA Testing

Developed test cases and performed testing, documentation, and reporting results. Along with the test cases I prepared Knowledge-Transfer documents for clients. During User-Acceptance-Testing I assisted the end-user with any defects and testing new code to correct defects.

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