Gun Control


Again, we are at a moment where members of our party are advocating for gun control measures and the denial of 2nd, 4th and 5th amendment rights as common sense gun control. Ignored are the host of federal laws the killers violated and the State laws to prevent mentally ill people from being able to buy guns legally. Ignored are the DA’s releasing criminals back onto our streets. Too often, in these cases, we learn that the local school officials, local police, and even the FBI were aware of the killer years earlier and took no action; we learn they were under psychiatric care and the agency caring for them failed to report to the State their mental illness; in a few of these, we learned of the State failing to report to the Federal government someone with a violent criminal record, yet we have Pennsylvania Republicans willing to deny law abiding Pennsylvanians their right to keep and bear arms, their right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, and their right to not be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law and place them in the crosshairs of disgruntled associates and even political opponents who will use red-flag laws as a weapon the same way we have seen the abuse of authority by the IRS, DHS, FEC, DOJ, even the EPA, and more recently State AG’s against political opponents. 

Our county parties have a role to play in responding to these violations of our Constitution and to hold these officials accountable for their encroachment on constitutional protections. The Bill of Rights are not suggestions, the Second Amendment’s – Shall not be Infringed is a command. Any violation of these protections by the people entrusted to protect and uphold them is pure despotism.

Please, consider a resolution against these gun control measures and call upon the Federal government and the States to enforce the existing laws that are being violated.

I also ask that you consider a resolution of censure of elected Pennsylvania Republicans that voted to abridge our constitutional protections. 


Steven Ramos
East Penn Township
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