Abuse of Power


I try to not judge anyone for lack of action or statement. When the communist nonsense was at its height, people were smeared with “silence is violence”. We are now witnessing another step in the abuse of power. More cracks in our foundation as the Democrats continue to destroy every institution Americans had faith in.

Today President Trump’s home is raided by the FBI and, from last count, only two of Pennsylvania’s Republican delegation have condemned them, one said he will investigate, and one county asked for prayer. Where are the rest?

For over a year the FBI and DOJ have had actual evidence of collusion; actual evidence of of a president’s son with drugs, prostitutes, even an accusation of sexual contact with minors; actual evidence of public corruption- selling an office; the DOJ and the FBI are silent, are raiding the homes of journalists and individuals who might have even more evidence, and in those few cases where charges are brought, corrupt juries in DC aquit.

And the Republican Party? Acting as if economy is all that matters, or the liberty of other nations, or other nations borders.

What is wrong with our Republican Party?

This is not the 1980’s when we spoke of having loyal or principled opposition. When Ronald Reagan became Republican it was because he saw the Democrats turning towards communism; it’s in full view to us today. They have weaponized every department of government. We have a full-blown communist party as our opponents and our party is still acting as if it’s their friend from the other side of the aisle, as if it’s just a difference of opinion.

What will it take; a few congressmen being raided or GOP governors or county commissioners? Maybe more Republicans locked up for parading? Maybe when people are being disappeared? 


Our strength is in our county parties. When will you speak up?

From Twitter:

As of 9:30 PM, PAGOP has not made a statement and dollar’s is all Sen. Toomey apparently cares about.

Maybe he sees a world where you can be rich and have no freedom or equal justice under the law?


Steven Ramos
East Penn Township
web | www.stevenramos.com 
twitter | @sjramos  

NOTE: Posted to site on Nov 23, 2022. Emailed on Aug 8, 2022.