Losing the Election

ISSUES: Elections, Enthusiasm, Surrender

We find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Mobs rioting, Democratic officials nullifying laws and resisting federal support in stopping the riots, and in at least one case the Democratic Mayor of Seattle allowing an area of her city to secede from the union. It has even been celebrated by her as the “Nation formerly known as Downtown Seattle”.

We have a University of Alabama Professor giving a howto guide on toppling our memorials. Birmingham Mayor allowing the mob to attempt to destroy an obelisk to soldiers and sailors that fought for the South and telling the mob to let him finish the job of removing it in violation of Alabama State law. The inciter to the mob was also released with no charges.

NY City Mayor shutting down parks that serve the Jewish community and threatening them with arrest if they have a funeral service while allowing tens of thousands of protestors just a few miles away.

Statues of Washington, Jefferson, Jackson and many others are being defaced or toppled and now even Theodore Roosevelt is no longer acceptable.

Through it all Republican elected officials have mostly remained very quiet. As if there is nothing occurring and the normal business of governance is all that is happening. We see postings and emails about projects being funded. China CPP being challenged. The latest CDC guidance. Now their top priority – Police Reform but almost dead silence regarding the destruction of our nations memorials. The feeling of Nero fiddling while Rome burned becomes very real.

We are in danger of losing this election because of lack of enthusiasm. Why? Because we do not see our Republican members standing and demanding a return to good order.

We do not see them demanding that the US Attorneys in their States indict these mayors and governors for dereliction of duty, denial of honest services, and the failure to protect life, property, and our civil and constitutional rights.

We do not see them demanding that every rioter be found and charged. That every looter be found and charged. That every destroyer of our memorials be found and charged.

We do not see them demanding that tax payer funding to States, municipalities, universities, and students be denied for the destruction of our memorials and attempted subversion of our nation.

There will be many that will go out and vote for President Trump as a last ditch effort to save our nation but I fear many will stay home believing that regardless of what we do our elected Republicans will fail us. Are failing us. Are surrendering our nation over to the destroyers.

We look to you to defend our heritage.


Steven Ramos
Lehighton, PA