Preservation of our history

ISSUE: Preservation of our history, consequences for mob rioting, consequences for official acquiescence

The mob is toppling statues to our nation’s past and Democratic mayors and governors are allowing it. More and more States, municipalities, and universities are allowing the tearing down of statues and memorials. They started with those who played a role in the great conflict and now spreading to historic memorials to our nation’s founders, our ancestors, and liberators.

It is time for Congress to speak up in defense of our history and to take action by denying funding to States, municipalities, and universities that remove these memorials. All funding should require the maintenance and protection of these memorials.

Congress also needs to deny funding to any student, professor, and administrator that vandalizes and destroys these memorials. When I joined the United States Army I was asked if I ever participated in any actions to overthrow or subvert the United States of America. These student, professors, administrators and government officials that are using violence to overthrow and subvert our country should not qualify for tax payer funding.

Almost all of our institutions of learning have been taken over by Marxists and they fire for pretended violations any pro-American and pro-common sense faculty. It is time to deny funding to any institution that foment Marxist revolution in our country and to remove judges from the bench that defend Marxism.

Do something.

Best regards,

Steven Ramos
Lehighton, PA