What kind of country are we to have?

Congressman Meuser,

We have mass censorship, monopolist collusion to remove conservatives from social media and online services by companies that have contracts with the federal and State government. We’re seeing reports of conservatives being removed from planes for simply speaking in support of president Trump. 

Where are our Republican appointed agency directors? We need to see the agencies making it clear that violating the rights of American citizens will not be tolerated. We need to see the FCC declare that any platform that acts as a publisher is no longer protected by Section 230. We need the FAA, rather than threatening passengers, making it clear to airlines that it’s unacceptable to target people and leave them stranded because of their politics.

Is our future one where Republicans cannot speak, we must hide, we must never let anyone know who we are or we’ll get kicked off planes, fired from jobs, banned from participating online, bank and credit account cancelled? In the 1950’s black Americans were denied access to lunch counters and today conservatives will be denied access to all services? What kind of country are we to have?

This lack of real action by our representatives and agency directors will have a terrible impact on our base.


Steven Ramos
East Penn Township
web | www.stevenramos.com