Tag: Censorship

What kind of country are we to have?

Congressman Meuser, We have mass censorship, monopolist collusion to remove conservatives from social media and online services by companies that have contracts with the federal and State government. We’re seeing reports of conservatives being removed from planes for simply speaking in support of president Trump.  Where are our Republican appointed agency directors? We need to…
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Speech, Not Race, Changes Minds

ISSUE: Freedom of Speech, Protection for Legal and Political Speech The speech rights of Americans are being violated by corporations. This has led me to ask some questions. Are restaurants allowed to discriminate against me because I am Puerto Rican? Are they allowed to discriminate against me because I’m brown or because I’m male or…
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CDA Section 230 and Google’s Violations

Tonight, on Tucker Carlson, Tucker reported on how Google is using its market power to silence conservatives and shutdown free speech on conservative website.  Google is holding the conservative websites responsible for the comments placed by their users while at the same time Google is protected by the CDA Section 230 from being held responsible…
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